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Ramona Of Babylona [userpic]


November 19th, 2005 (09:43 pm)

Very: cranky
Listening to: We've been had - The walkmen

Ramona Of Babylona [userpic]


November 12th, 2005 (12:52 pm)

I saw the arctic monkeys last night!!!!!!!!!!!! We didnt even have tickets, and as you may know ALL theirs concerts are already sold out....but we managed to get some off this guy for only 20€. The concert was AMAZING. Quite short, but really cool. So now i've seen the white stripes, and arctic monkeys. Not bad for this winter so far!! The frames, Louis XIV and other good bands are coming, and I'll see them too...argh, i missed the rakes, and franz ferdinand..
Sorry I never update

Ramona Of Babylona [userpic]

Diamonds at the meeting of my thighs

October 28th, 2005 (10:09 am)

wooo!! and on monday halloween, if i'm allowed I may be going to this little sleepover...everyone else is going to this huge party, but nah, it'll be shit.
Wish me luck.

Ramona Of Babylona [userpic]

If you don't have tears for this, you'll be blind tomorrow

October 16th, 2005 (02:11 pm)

Very: cynical
Listening to: Run DMC - It's like that

Oh my God
I've lied a few times in my life, I know a lie when I hear one!!
Yeah, so he says he's feeling kinda weird, wants to be alone, and is being an asshole to everyone, and that's why he dosen't want to see me today. And that he dosen't want to be around people or talk to anyone....yet he can do stuff with his friends all the time...
I'm sick of it. Either he can face his responsibilities or he can go screw himself. I want to make him happy, yeah! But i'm dying, i'm so attatched to him, i wanna spend every second with just insults me he doesn't wanna see me
Then he goes on about how much he loves me and that he dosen't take me for granted
If he loved me, he wouldn't say "Yes i've decided not to see you for a week, oh yeah, for your own good"
Silly fucking shit

Ramona Of Babylona [userpic]

My heart, it's an apple

October 8th, 2005 (08:37 pm)

Very: bitchy
Listening to: Suzan vega - caramel

Okay sorry second post but i just wanted to say how much i love fritz
I was on the phone with him for 5 hours yesterday
He explained that he's so insecure that he's been hurt so many times
and i explained how really, i'm totally full of myself, totally self confident in a way, and selfish. very selfish. and that sometimes i say hurtful things just to get reactions. especially to him.

Maybe, you should'nt tell your boyfriend stuff like that.
But I was just being honest. I'm stable with myself. I'm at peace with myself. I'm just fucking full of myself and believe i cant do wrong.

My conscience is only there for self protection

Though i'm not sure if that's really true, or if my parents have kind of indoctrinated me with the idea im like that.
Then he asked me if i needed him, if theres space for him in my selfishness. And i was surprised at how he's probably the only person i rank above myself. the only person i truly respect.
Yeah. I respect my mother, my grandmother, siblings, friends....but i wonder if their feelings really matter to me. Probably only my mother's. Hers and fritz'.

Ramona Of Babylona [userpic]

Because the indie people, they're okay!

October 8th, 2005 (08:32 pm)

Pfffftttt i hafta be home by quarter past 12 tonight
Lick my feet
but i love these indie parties
best music ever and good acts
If only i could actually for ONCE experience the good part.
Bloody hell
That's like the only thing i post about
indie parties and not being allowed out.

How i hate this shit. When i'm honest to them theres nothing to gain.

But meh I'm trying

Please, download lipstick lickin by milburn
you'll love it

Ramona Of Babylona [userpic]

Suicide Medicine

September 30th, 2005 (07:15 pm)

Very: crushed
Listening to: woman driving man sleeping - eels

God I hate it. Everythings terrible.
I felt really bad at school today, i thought "what the hell, if i stay here i'll only be in trouble. Whoa i'm sick. I'm going home" Now wouldn't any parents understand?
However my formteacher insisted on calling dad speaks english but he kind of twists it, so the result was that he heard somehow that i'm absent every wednesday, and just left school without saying anything today. Two things far from true.
I called my teacher and he said no he didn't say those things.
My parents dont believe me
My dad used track-your-child and saw i was near where my boyfriend
but the bus drives through there My weekend is ruined.
Everything is ruined
One of my best friends who moved away (pilar a.k.a exposedtoall) is coming to visit only tomorrow and im grounded.
cause i'm sick..though i feel so much better
And it's fritz and my anniversary on monday
I wanted him to come to mine

Ramona Of Babylona [userpic]

Lipstick Lickin'

September 29th, 2005 (08:52 pm)

Very: calm
Listening to: Arcade Fire - My heart is an apple

And the thought of you in my mind knows we're never gonna go wrong

Cause you and me both, we're singing the same


Hey you pete-loving indie kids, download these, you won't regret it:

1. Milburn - Lipstick Lickin'

2. Arctic Monkeys - Scummy

3. Shout out louds - please please please

4. Yeah yeah yeahs - Porcelain

5. Art brut - my little brother

6. Eels - Dog faced boy, woman driving man sleeping, souljacker part one


My darling and I Collapse )

Ramona Of Babylona [userpic]

(no subject)

September 17th, 2005 (08:38 am)

Very: blah
Listening to: the stranglers - peaches

Sitting here.
every nook and cranny clean and shaved and perfect.
But is he coming..nah
but thats okay.

Ramona Of Babylona [userpic]

It's your eyes that make me smile, oh yeah oh yeah

September 16th, 2005 (10:40 pm)

Very: meh
Listening to: the subways - oh yeah

These teenage lips they speak too fast

Oh Yeah, Oh Yeah

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